Jesus said,  "He that believes in me, as the scriptures had said, out of his belly will flow rivers of living water"  John 7:38

​Building Strong Families, Churches, an​d C​ommunities.


Understanding love is the key element of successful marriages, long-lasting friendships, a caring society, and the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without the clear understanding of its meaning, anger, hate, hostility, un-forgiveness and resentment will attach themselves like leeches and viruses to the fabric of our society. These parasites could cause divorces, wars, contentions, divisions, and other ills that contribute to the destruction of lives, and to putting society on a roller coaster ride. 

That is why we must take the Gospel of Salvation to the world in the spirit of love so that they could also be changed. We have the answer; Jesus Christ. We should also realize that many Christians who claimed to be changed find it difficult to live righteously. Keep in mind, that the Bible said that judgment must first begin with us in the house of the Lord. At the end of this study you will see clearly that there is only one kind of love, that is, the God-kind-of-love. Love is the Foundation of the Gospel and the Gateway to Heaven.
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This book will inform, equip, empower, and mobilize Christians. It will reveal problems with discipleship in our churches today. It will offer real biblical solutions to restore our right relationship with Jesus Christ, and help us to regain our effectiveness as Christian disciples. This is a comprehensive study of Christian discipleship, and it reveals truths that some pastors and religious leaders may not want you to know.True Christian Discipleship demonstrates one’s love and devotion to God and to all people.  It also helps us to discipline our lives in ways that would be helpful to our communities, and bring honor and glory to God.It is a fact that many Christians have unconsciously surrendered their rights and authority to their church leaders. People who are educated with the truth cannot be bullied, controlled or intimidated because they know their authority and their rights, and they will not surrender them to others. Christian discipleship is not an option, but it is a way of life. We belong to Jesus Christ and we must obey and follow Him.So, get out of your dark dungeon, recognize who you really are, and get to “Know your rights and authority as disciples of Jesus Christ.”